John Haughm is a musician, composer, and designer from the Pacific Northwest.

Haughm has been a musician for 30 years, performing internationally in bands as well as a solo composer and an experimental musician. In 1995, he formed the band Agalloch which, after a 20 year legacy, is hailed to this day as a pioneering force and musical influence in the progressive, neofolk, and black metal genres.

Since 2011, Haughm has toured and collaborated with a variety of soundscape, avant-garde, and contemporary musicians, notably Daniel Menche, Mathias Grassow, and Helen Money. In 2016, Haughm co-founded the band Pillorian and played over a hundred shows during the band's 2 year run. In addition, Haughm has performed his solo work throughout North and South America and Europe in several festivals including Roadburn, Covenant, Northwest Terror Fest, and the Overload festival.

Alongside his musical accomplishments, Haughm has 20 years of professional design experience. He created a multitude of CD/LP sleeves, T-shirt designs, posters, and advertisements for several record labels, publications, and bands. Between 2003-2018, Haughm honed his skills in producing stage designs and visual media for several tours that he participated in throughout the world. Extending his talents outside of the music industry, Haughm was chosen to create the brand identity and labels for an award-winning winery in the Pacific Northwest.